Vacation at Trans Snow World Surabaya? Try These 5 Fun Activities


Weekends or holidays are the most suitable for holidays with family. For Surabaya fans, you can take advantage of the weekend by visiting Trans Snow World Surabaya.

You don’t need to go far for a vacation abroad, here you can do various activities in the snow arena. Curious about what activities you can do at Trans Snow World Surabaya? Here’s the review.

1. Learn to Ski

Ski games are generally only played in snowy countries. However, now in Indonesia you can try this game at Trans Snow World Surabaya. In this area, you can feel the thrill of gliding like skiing in a country of four seasons. For those of you who can’t, don’t worry because there are instructors ready to help and make you able to ski.

Trans Snow World SurabayaPhoto: Trans Snow World Surabaya

2. Make a Snowman

For those who bring children, enjoy making snow dolls at Trans Snow World Surabaya. You can make a variety of snowman shapes ranging from small to large. Don’t forget to take a photo with your homemade snowman. Especially at Trans Snow World Surabaya, there are many places to take pictures with family, friends and relatives with a winter feel. It’s like being abroad!

3. Skating Using Sledge and Snowtube

Trans Snow World Surabaya presents sledges and snow tubes that can be used to slide on the snow arena. There are two types of snow tubes that can be used, namely single snow tubes and double snow tubes. That way, you can skate alone or in pairs.

4. Enjoying Snowfall

No less exciting than making a snowman, at Trans Snow World Surabaya you can enjoy snowfall like abroad. This activity is perfect for those of you who just want to relax and enjoy the snow after having fun playing other rides.

Trans Snow World SurabayaPhoto: Doc. Trans Snow World Surabaya

5. Ride the Cable Car

When visiting Trans Snow World Surabaya, don’t forget to try taking the cable car/chair lift. This train can be filled by two people in each seat and will take you around 4-5 meters high. Besides being able to see around, this vehicle will also make it easier to check the next ride that you will try.

Enjoy 10% Discount Promo

How, how exciting are the activities that can be done at Trans Snow World Surabaya? Moreover, this time Trans Snow World Surabaya provides a special 10% discount promo for ticket purchases using the Allo Bank payment method (for Allo Prime account holders) and Bank Mega Credit Card. The promo period is valid from 1-30 September 2022.

Trans Snow World BekasiPhoto: Trans Snow World Bekasi

So what are you waiting for? Order your ticket right now and feel the sensation of playing in the snow at Trans Snow World Surabaya. The Trans Snow World Surabaya is open every day at 10:00-20:00 WIB. More information check here.

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