Verona Sentenced to Racist Supporters

VERONA have been suspended from playing one game without the support of their hard-line supporters because of racist chants that were clearly heard during their 2-1 loss to Napoli in Serie A last weekend.

In an official statement on Tuesday (15/3), Serie A said the Curva Sud stand at the Stadio Bentegodi would be closed for one match after Verona fans in the stands chanted racist chants directed at Napoli duo Kalidou Koulibaly and Victor Osimhen.

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In addition, Verona’s supporters ridicule the city of Naples which is seen as territorial discrimination.

Naples is the largest city in southern Italy and has often been the target of racial ridicule because of its history of discrimination by residents in Italy’s more prosperous north.

Verona supporters acted in the Serie A match against Napoli, in addition to mocking the black players of Napoli and the City of Naples, by unfurling a banner showing the location of the City of Naples as the target of bomb attacks by Russian troops.

They have been convicted of mimicking monkey noises at former Italy striker Mario Balotelli and AC Milan midfielder Frank Kessie as well as hanging swastikas at the Bentegodi.

About 20 years ago, former Verona president Giambattista Pastorello said he would never bring a black player to the club because he believed his supporters would oppose him. (AFP/OL-1)