Very Soft… Tasting Viral Chocolate Ice Cream at Mbloc Space


Had gone viral on social media, this chocolate ice cream at Mbloc Market turned out to be really delicious! Here’s how to try it…

Mbloc Space in Blok M is one of the most popular areas among young people in and its surroundings. This area is often the location for holding various interesting events. Ranging from music events, fine arts, to various exhibitions with environmentally friendly themes.

In addition to being a home for various food and beverage tenants, Mbloc Space is also equipped with other interesting tenants, such as shops selling various local handicraft products to old-school CD shops and contemporary photobox spots.

In addition to the outside, the inside of Mbloc Space is also inhabited by many other tenants. One of the original tenants of Mbloc is Mbloc Market.

According to the official website, Mbloc Market is a modern grocery store that sells 70 percent of local products. The products offered at this store vary, from food and soft drinks to beauty products.

One of the popular products from Mbloc Market is chocolate ice cream from Pipiltin. According to the officer, this ice cream is ice cream made with real chocolate made by Indonesian farmers.

Pipiltin itself does produce chocolates from various regions in Indonesia. Among them are chocolate from Aceh, Bali, Flores, and West Papua.

For the ice cream, they use Ransiki chocolate from West Papua. According to the ice cream attendant, this chocolate was chosen because it is the most suitable chocolate for making ice cream.

Pipiltin chocolate ice cream at Mbloc Market.Pipiltin chocolate ice cream at Mbloc Market. Photo: Yasmin Nurfadila/detikTravel

detikTravel had the opportunity to try this ice cream. To taste it, it’s very easy.

Travelers only need to come to Mbloc Market which is located in Mbloc Space or Posbloc. Then pay first to the cashier by saying you want to order one ice cream.

The price of one serving of ice cream is quite affordable, which is IDR 25,000. Well, after paying, then approach the ice cream spot and give a payment receipt.

Travelers can choose whether they want to enjoy ice cream using a cone or cup. The process of ordering ice cream is very fast, once ordered, the clerk will immediately prepare the ice cream.

The ice cream presented at Mbloc Market is of the type of soft ice cream or soft ice cream which is equipped with several toppings.

The taste of this ice cream is sweet and not too much. According to the type, the texture is very soft so it is very easy to enjoy.

“It’s really delicious. Usually the chocolate ice cream is too sweet, yes, it was just right,” said Abi, one of the visitors who also ordered this ice cream.

For travelers who want to try this ice cream, try coming in the morning. Because, according to the officer, since noon, especially on weekends, there is usually a long queue to order this ice cream.

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