Vespa Modification Artist, Really Understand Motorbike or Just Follow the Trend?


Recently, quite a lot of artists and influencers have bought Vespa motorbikes and modified them, both in terms of appearance and performance. The question is, do they really understand motorcycles or are they just following the trend?

Scooter VIP, a specialist Vespa modification workshop in Bekasi, often receives motorcycle customization orders from artists and influencers who own Vespa, such as Andre Taulany, Atta Halilintar, Gading Marten, and Awkarin.

Modification of Vespa Atta HalilintarVespa Atta Halilintar Modification Photo: Doc. VIP Scooters

According to the owner of Scooter VIP, Dennil Sagita, the majority of celebrities who modify motorbikes in their workshops understand about motorbikes and the type of modification they want.

“The average male (artist) understands (motorcycles). Some like Andre, Ivory, they really understand motorcycle modifications, understand automotive,” said Dennil to reporters in Bekasi, Thursday (13/10). 2022).

“Meanwhile, if it’s like Awkarin, maybe he sees his circle of friends, maybe someone likes modifications (so he modifies his motorbike),” he continued.

Dennil continued, adding that the entertainment workers mostly modified the performance of their motorbikes or upgrade left. This modification package includes replacement of the variator, roller, flywheel, belt, clutch, clutch drum, torque spring, air filter, oil filter, and racing brake lining.

“Many are upgrade left, because it’s more about acceleration stop and go yes, suitable for daily use (daily use). Then there are some minor modifications too, such as changing flyscreen model racing look“, continued Dennis.

Modification of Vespa Gading MartenVespa Gading Marten Modification Photo: Scooter VIP

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