Viral Baths in Malang with Crystal Clear Water


Netizens are amazed by the natural baths in Malang Regency where the water is very clean. Not many know, this bath is hundreds of years old.

The bathhouse, known as Wendit Water Tourism Park (commonly referred to as Wendit only) went viral on Twitter after an account posted information about the place.

The @youridiss account shared some photos showing how clear the water in this bath is. Despite being so beautiful, Wendit looks lonely and her whereabouts are still rarely known. also interested to see firsthand the latest condition of Wendit on Saturday (18/6/2022). Wendit is located in Mangliawan Village, Pakis District, Malang Regency. The distance is about 8 kilometers from the heart of Malang City.

It is not difficult to find Wendit because its position is on the right of the main road to Bromo Semeru National Park. When we arrived at the location, we saw several two- and four-wheeled vehicles parked there.

Even though it was a holiday, it looked deserted. Moment came around 10.30 WIB, there was only one ticket counter that was open.

Wendit entrance ticket price on weekdays is IDR 15,500 for adults and IDR 10,500 for children. Meanwhile, for weekends, public holidays, and the holiday season, the ticket price is IDR 18,500 for adults and IDR 12,500 for children.

After paying, I was given a paper bracelet as a ticket. Then I walked to the entrance, where the clerk would mark my ticket bracelet.

Wendit Water Park in MalangEntrance to the Wendit pool area. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Once you enter the 9 hectare area, you can feel the beautiful atmosphere. The atmosphere is very different from the area around Wendit which is dominated by residential areas and is passed by the highway.

The impression is like entering the forest because there are many big trees. Add more, meet the monkeys that do live there.

Walk about 200 meters, began to see the viral expanse of the bath. Sure enough, the water is clean and clear. It can be seen from the bottom of the water which is clearly visible. try to play water for a while there. The water is not only clean but also fresh.

Wendit Water Park in MalangSpa pool at Wendit. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

The water in Wendit comes from springs from 4 mountains in East Java, namely Mount Arjuna, Mount Semeru, Mount Bromo, and Mount Kawi. No wonder this place is so special.

Well, there are several pools that can be used for swimming. There are Natural Pools, Spa Pools, Artificial Pools, and Waterparks. It’s just that when it comes to it, the Waterpark for adults is closed.

In addition to the pool, there is also a sacred place called Sendang Widodaren. This place is in the form of a pool whose water is used for various rituals, namely Grebeg Tirto Aji, Clean Village, Jamasan, and Grebeg Suro.

Wendit Water Park in MalangSendang Widodaren at Wendit. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Beside the spring there is a prayer room separated by a wall. The room contains punden and statues. According to the caretaker of Sendang Widodaren, Mbah Sholeh, this place is often visited by people who ask for all their affairs to be carried out.

“People come here depending on what the purpose of the person is. If you want the election of lurah, council, regent, it’s crowded,” he told

In addition to the facilities mentioned above, Wendit is also equipped with a gazebo that tourists can use to rest. There’s nothing wrong with just sitting around enjoying the freshness of nature here.

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