Viral Mercy Gets Hit for Blocking Ambulance, Followed To Hospital!


The video of an ambulance colliding with a white Mercedes-Benz sedan has gone viral on Tiktok social media. In the video uploaded to the @Mass.Herr account, an ambulance can be seen walking on the right side and turning on the siren.

Then several times the ambulance also honked its horn to warn the driver in front of it to give way.

Then when the ambulance driver decided to change lanes to the left, the white Mercedes-Benz sedan in front of him also turned to the left until they finally collided. The two of them continued their journey because it was reported that an ambulance was carrying a patient in labor.

Arriving at the hospital, apparently the white Mercy car continued to follow and stopped right in front of the ambulance.

Reportedly, Mercy followed him to the hospital. Photo: Tiktok mass.herr

“Follow me,” someone said in the video.

It is not yet known how this case will proceed. However, the information contained in the video states that the Puskesmas and the Mercy driver both made a report to the Tangerang Police.

Please note, the ambulance is one of the priority vehicles that has the right to be given a road. Article 134 of the Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation states that there are seven vehicles that have the main right to take precedence in the following order.

1. Fire fighting vehicles on duty.
2. Ambulances transporting sick people.
3. Vehicles to provide assistance in traffic accidents.
4. Vehicles led by the State Institutions of the Republic of Indonesia.
5. Vehicles for leaders and officials of foreign countries and international institutions who are state guests.
6. The funeral procession.
7. Convoys and/or vehicles for certain purposes according to the considerations of the Indonesian National Police officers.

Added to Article 135 paragraph (1), vehicles that have primary rights must be escorted by officers of the State Police of the Republic of Indonesia and/or use red or blue light signals and siren sounds.

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