Want a Challenging Vacation, Try Escape from Zombies at Trans Studio Cibubur


Travelers who like challenges, try coming to Trans Studio Cibubur. There is a special Halloween ride where you have to escape zombies.

Trans Studio Cibubur welcomes Halloween, by presenting something scary and challenging at the haunted house “Enigma Terror”. The Haunted House is presented from October 24 to October 31, 2022 on the Zombie Wars ride.

“Enigma Terror” tells the story of Enigma – a hospital full of terror that was founded in 1924. This hospital is now filled with zombies and other ghosts.

In this ride, visitors are asked to save a curious spirit named Rachel and make sure the zombies don’t get out of the hospital area. The trick, visitors have to solve various kinds of puzzles in the hospital and make sure the lights don’t go out, because if they go out, zombies will attack the visitors.

Trans StudioTrans Studio. Photo: doc. Trans Studio

Halloween fun isn’t just about terror, but there’s also fun with special promo prices. There is a Buy One Get One FREE Allo Bank Promo (Upgrade Allo Prime) Trans Studio Cibubur Entrance Ticket for the period 24-31 October 2022.

This means that if a traveler makes transactions using Allo Prime, it is enough with IDR 250,000 on Weekdays (Monday-Friday) and IDR 325,000 on Weekends (Saturday-Sunday), the traveler already gets tickets for 2 (two) people.

So, this is a special call to the brave to save lives and end the terror in Enigma Hospital. Don’t forget to invite friends, relatives and relatives to adventure together.

Just order tickets at https://www.transentertainment.com/transstudio/cibubur?utm_source=article&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=Buy1Get1Halloween.

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