Water Valve Keeps Turning

Water Valve Keeps Turning. Undo the nuts pointed to by the red arrows 4. The gate valve will still have to be replaced to make a permanent repair and have a trustworthy valve to close the water in the future.

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If you still can’t stop the dripping, you’ll have to turn off the main valve and replace the drippy one completely. You may be able to repair the valve by buying a similar (same brand) valve and taking the stem from that valve and install it into yours without changing the valve. I have a dual exposed thermostatic shower valve.

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Open the main valve in the basement and allow it to drain. Once the water supply is interrupted, open the (still working) second knob to allow pressure and residual water to escape.

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Disconnect the supply lines from the value. If you leave a valve turned off for a long period of time and finally switch it back on, it is common for the valve to start dripping.

7 Best Water Shut Off Valve For Kitchen Sink [2022Source: tools.weldsmartly.comTurn it back on by rotating it counterclockwise. Why is the valve constantly turning?