Weekends You Can Hang Out With Your Family, These 5 Restaurants Have Delicious Packages!


Eating with family on weekends will certainly be fun. At this restaurant, there is a liwetan package that is suitable for eating with the family.

After a tiring week at work, enjoying a weekend with family is always a great way to have fun. Gathering together, talking, to eating in good places, it’s never wrong.

Lots of restaurants or places to eat that provide menu options that can be eaten with the family. One of the mainstay menus that are sought after is rice with various side dishes such as liwet rice.

This warm, savory liwet rice with savory side dishes can be an alternative menu idea for eating with the family. Portions are quite a lot, allowing all family members to be satisfied eating liwetan.

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Here are 5 family restaurants that have delicious liwetan packages:

Famous for its complete liwetan package, Warung Teteh is an alternative for many people who want to hold events to eat with family. Photo: Instagram/warungteteh

1. Tea Shop

Specialist in Sundanese cuisine, there are liwetan packages that can always be ordered here. Warung Teteh can also serve liwet rice which is served directly on a banana leaf.

The rice is fluffier and savory, the salted fish is crispy, and the fresh vegetables are loved by the customers. Whether for direct meals or delivery, Warung Teteh can serve family events to various special events.

Located on Jalan Petogogan 1 No.29, North Gandaria, Warung Teteh is always ready if you want to order in large quantities. The price of Nasi Liwet, which is set at IDR 35 thousand, can be ordered for dozens of servings!

2. Warung Sunda Ceu Kokom

A variety of Sundanese chili sauce, salted fish, and complete liwetan packages can all be found at Warung Sunda Ceu Kokom. The place is comfortable with a wide selection of complete side dishes suitable to be visited with the family.

When you come here, you will be invited to choose the side dishes directly, so you don’t have to be disappointed not to get the food you want. One of the most popular complements to nasi liwet is the fresh-tasting vegetable tamarind.

Open from 10.00 to 19.30, perfect if you want to eat with your family during the day or before dinner. Located on Jalan Bendungan Hilir No. 101, Central Jakarta, only by spending Rp. 15 thousand you can choose delicious side dishes.

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