Welcoming Homecoming, PO Bus Sumber Alam Adds Fleet 2 Times


President Jokowi’s permission for the community to carry out homecoming activities is a breath of fresh air for all Indonesian people. Including the PO Bus business actors. Even the perpetrators of PO Bus are getting ready to be able to take homecomers to their hometowns.

This is also what makes Sumber Alam Bus PO rush to prepare its fleet up to 2 times the usual day.

As stated by the owner of PO Sumber Alam, Anthony Steven Hambali to detikOto, this is the moment PO Bus has been waiting for.

“I prepared two fleets and prepared a reserve fleet for additional ones,” said Anthony Steven Hambali.

On the same occasion, Anthony also said that he would prepare 50 fleets and prepare everything, in order to provide the best service for the community.

“I have prepared 50 fleets, apart from other technical preparations of course we will also prepare, KIR and other administrative matters, such as PKB, Jasa Raharja (insurance), and others,” said Anthony.

Natural Source Bus Photo: Instagram/Source Nature

For the record, PO Sumber Alam has two departure points, namely departing from Jabodetabek and Yogyakarta, including:

Jabodetabek departures:

1. Jakarta-Yogyakarta

2. Jakarta-Buntu

3. Peacock-Yogyakarta

4. Dead-Peacock

5. Jakarta-Yogyakarta (via north)

Yogyakarta Departure

1. Yogyakarta-Jakarta

2. Yogyakarta-Merak

3. Buntu-Jakarta

4. Dead-Peacock

5. Yogyakarta-Jakarta

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