What’s Between Goats and Ankara City?


Ankara is known as the capital city of Turkey. If you travel here, a traveler will see many goat statues. What do you think is the relationship?

If you mention the name Turkey, then we will know the city of Istanbul more than Ankara. Whereas Ankara is the official capital of Turkey. While Istanbul is only a business center, as well as the largest city in Turkey.

Ankara is no less interesting to visit than Istanbul. This city is also full of history, because it was chosen to be the capital of the Turkish government since independence in 1923. Long before that, Ankara was the center of civilization of various ethnic groups from Hitites, Persians, Galatians, Byzantines, Seljuks to Ottomans.

The long history of the city of Ankara can not be separated from the Goat species known as the Angora Goat. Yes, a goat species with a scientific name Capra hircus this is the icon and symbol of the city of Ankara.

So don’t be surprised if a traveler sees there are many statues of Angora Goats in the city of Ankara. Since hundreds of years ago, this species has been an important witness to the development of the city of Ankara.

“The story is that the ancestors of our nation came here with the instructions of the Angora goat which continued to walk to this city,” said Yevuz Sezen, a tour guide who accompanied detikTravel to explore Ankara some time ago.

Angora Goat Icon of Ankara CityThe Iconic Angora Goat in Ankara Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

The story is said to be included in the Old Testament Bible. Abraham, the father of the Jews and Arabs, emigrated from the city of Ur in Turkestan along with a group of thousands of Angora goats to Ankara.

In fact, Prophet Musa AS is also said to have used the Angora Goat to take its fur and use it as clothing. The Angora goat is known for its fine wool and is known as Mohair.

Angora Goat Icon of Ankara CityThe Iconic Angora Goat in Ankara Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

No wonder the Angora Goat has played an important role in the history of the city of Ankara until it has become an official symbol of the city. In every corner of Ankara city, we can definitely see this unique goat.

Angora goats have thick white fur. His stature is quite tall and dashing. The male’s horns do not rise upwards, but are slightly curved backwards.

Ahead of Turkey’s Independence Day which falls every October 29, statues of the Angora goats which are Ankara’s icons will usually be decorated by artists with their creativity and then displayed throughout the city.

Oh yes, besides goats, Angora is also a race name for the Rabbit and Cat species. So, the Angora cat and Angora Rabbit races are from Turkey here, traveler!

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