What’s the secret behind the Honda HR-V’s redesign?


The All New Honda HR-V underwent a significant change in appearance. Immediately won a prestigious award in the world, where did the idea to revamp the best-selling compact SUV in Indonesia come from?

Honda HR-V 2022 launched in Indonesia on March 23 last. At first glance, the HR-V 2022 changes are quite large compared to the previous generation.

The All New HR-V has a very fresh look at the front with a horizontal grille that looks tight and blends with the car body as a whole. There is also a grille line at the very bottom that flows to the headlamps on the left and right.

All New Honda HR-VAll New Honda HR-V Photo: All New Honda HR-V

The appearance of the Honda HR-V from the side also feels much different. There’s a line that runs from the hood across to the door handles to the taillights. This gives the impression of luxury.

At the tail, the taillights are elongated, separated by the Honda logo. While the roof line flows like a coupe.

This significant design change was rewarded with prestigious awards. In early April, the Honda HR-V won the ‘Best Car Design’ award from the 2022 Red Dot Design Award.

What was Honda’s secret that it was able to design the latest HR-V that not only consumers love but also wins awards?

“This is a challenge. We think about what makes the HR-V have a new design and we also choose a design that is simpler and newer than before. The grille (All New HR-V) is different from the previous design. The challenge is to have a lot of discussions with internal Honda, thus creating a preferred design,” said Yoshitomo Ihashi, the Large Project Leader of the All New Honda HR-V Honda Motor Co Ltd, via a video conference link.

So where did the design inspiration for the Honda HR-V come from?

All New Honda HR-VAll New Honda HR-V Photo: All New Honda HR-V

“Styling this car has started a long time ago by thinking about what designs are in accordance with customer desires. We see customer behavior, what designs they like.”

“Styling is simple, there is a line that continues from front to back. (Besides) Grille is adapted to the overall design. Design that pays attention to consumer wants and needs,” said Yoshitomo Ihashi.

In addition to the body, Honda also made changes to the pacemaker. For the highest variant, the Honda HR-V, type RS is equipped with a 1.5L VTEC Turbo engine capacity. The combination is capable of spewing out 177 PS of power at 6,000 rpm and 240 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm.

Watch the video ‘Open and Close Panoramic Roof Honda HR-V Still Manual? This Honda Reason:

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