Whether it’s morning or evening, the peak of Waringin is still stunning

Labuan Bajo

One of the best places to enjoy the sunset and scenery in Labuan Bajo is Puncak Waringin. Believe me, you don’t want to blink your eyes when you look at the scenery here. So beautiful!

Labuan Bajo really amazes anyone who comes there. Not only the attraction of ancient animals, namely Komodo. However, every corner of nature, be it the sea, the mountains amaze anyone.

So, those of you who later want to travel to Labuan Bajo, don’t miss this place. Its name is Puncak Waringin, an area that is a hit for young Labuan Bajo people to enjoy the view, anytime.

The location of Puncak Waringin is not far from Komodo International Airport and Labuan Bajo Harbor. The peak of Waringin is at an altitude of about 45-53 meters above sea level. The view that is presented from here is the beauty of the harbor, which is decorated with dozens of anchored ships.

Waringin Peak in Labuan Bajo Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

Travelers don’t need to worry, because Puncak Waringin is in a safe location and also has a fence. There are also benches that anyone can sit on.

detikcom also came to Puncak Waringin in the morning. Some people jogging in the morning stopped there to take pictures, then sat on the bench against the wall. There are also cyclists who take the time to take photos.

detikcom took out a cell phone and took some views there. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or filters, the beautiful view of Puncak Waringin looks stunning from any angle. Serious!

The blue sky, the cool morning air, dozens of ships anchored in the harbor, and the surrounding islands are also clearly visible. So epic in pictures!

Waringin Peak in Labuan BajoWaringin Peak in Labuan Bajo Photo: (Syanti/detikcom)

During the afternoon and evening, Puncak Waringin is also crowded with visitors. When detikcom passed through this area, many young people gathered here. They were seen taking pictures, chatting and spending the evening at Puncak Waringin.

Actually, Puncak Waringin is not just a view. However, there are also public spaces, city walk, amphitheater, and the main building which has a viewing deck to enjoy the view. But honey, when detik.com visit this place is still closed.

There is no charge to see the sights here or it’s free! Well, if a traveler one day comes to Labuan Bajo, it is mandatory to spend the afternoon or morning at Puncak Waringin.

Around Puncak Waringin, there are many big hotels, cafes and restaurants that travelers can visit. It seems fun to walk around Puncak Waringin.

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