Whoops! This Man Finds Cockroach Chicks Out Of The Food He Just Bought


Buy food from outside, this man was surprised by foreign things that came out of his food. Right when it opened, there was cockroach that crawls out of food packaging!

Buying food from outside to eat at home is so easy. When going out, it never hurts to stop by for a while and buy some food to enjoy at home.

But when buying food from outside, you also have to be careful because some of the food may not be kept clean. Sorting out healthy food and serving it in a clean place is a must when buying food outside.

Don’t let the disappointments happen to this man. Starting from entrusting his sister to buy food, this man actually did not eat because of this.

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Buy food from outside, this man found cockroach in his food. Photo: Mothership

Mothership (22/3) reported that this man named Tan entrusted his sister to buy food and take it home. Her sister, who was buying Mexican food at the time, finally bought a portion for Tan.

Buying food from an outlet called Guzman Y Gomez located at Waterway Point, Tan ordered a serving of guacamole and nacho chips. But after Tan opened the food ordered by his sister, he was surprised to see someone walking out of his food.

“I was eating my second nacho chips at the time, after that I saw a child cockroach. I immediately fell silent,” said Tan.

Tan who panicked immediately called his sister to take pictures of the disgusting incident. Tan, who was afraid of the cockroaches coming out and running around the house, immediately closed the food container he had opened again.

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Whoops!  This Man Finds Cockroach Chicks Out Of The Food He Just BoughtWhen it was opened again to be photographed, the cockroach even jumped out onto the dining table. Photo: Mothership

Tan, who was still curious, opened his food container again to take another photo of the cockroach. It turned out that when he opened it again, the cockroach immediately came out of the container and fled across the dining table.

Using a tissue, Tan immediately covered the cockroach to stop and catch it. After being caught, Tan returned the cockroach to the food container and immediately threw away all the food that was still intact.

“I hate cockroaches. My family always complains about how much insect repellent I spray to kill them. I even finished half the bottle just to kill one cockroach only,” said Tan.

After the incident, Tan admitted that he had given up and would not want to buy food from the same restaurant. Apparently not the first time, a customer from the same food outlet has also reported that he accidentally bit a 35-millimeter iron that entered his food.

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