Whoops! This Somtam seller is in the spotlight because it’s too sexy


The appearance of a food vendor can attract customers’ attention, including when the clothes they are wearing are too sexy. As seen in these 2 somtam sellers in Thailand.

It is undeniable, the appearance of food vendors is one of the factors that a menu can sell well, or at least be known to the public. This is reflected in the viral somtam seller in the province of Buriram, Thailand.

quote Coconuts (18/3/2022), these two somtam sellers are women who wear revealing and sexy clothes. They deliberately show the breasts to the curves of their bodies to buyers.

Somtam seller is 28 years old. Her name is Petmanee Laphain otherwise known as Pookie. His figure became a netizen conversation after he and his friend promoted their somtam merchandise, Nomto Tam Pa, on Facebook.

Many netizens have the wrong focus, not because of the somtam being sold, but the way they dress. This caused a commotion because it was considered too sexy.

Two somtam sellers in Thailand’s Buriram province are promoting their wares in an unusual way. Photo: Facebook Nomto Tam Pa

The police are said to have ‘stepped in’ to deal with this. His party rushed to the location and pretended to buy somtam.

Pookie then uploaded a new photo of himself with the police. He seemed to be wearing more modest clothes. “Police told me I can promote in it but I am not allowed to serve and sell,” he wrote.

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Apparently he has been promoting by wearing this sexy outfit since February 2022. He got a lot of criticism reactions that made him doubt whether he should continue to sell somtam or not?

“I don’t care anymore about comments that are on my photos. I don’t think they are wrong because they don’t harm society but help generate [pendapatan] for me and my family,” he told reporters.

Pookie claims to be able to serve more than 300 customers every day. Sales also reached a fantastic figure of THB8,000-10,000 or around Rp. 3.4 to 4.2 million per day.

“Therefore, I want to tell the sellers that ‘You have to have the courage to do the right thing. When you get the goods, you have to show them’,” he added.

Whoops!  This Somtam seller is in the spotlight because it's too sexyThis somtam seller deliberately dresses up sexy to attract customers. Photo: Facebook Nomto Tam Pa

Somtam or som tam itself is a typical Thai food that is quite popular in various countries. In the form of raw papaya lettuce, the seasoning is a bit spicy and sour. Som tam is mixed with lime, chili, fish sauce, and Javanese sugar.

Before the sexy somtam seller in Buriram, women pancake seller in Chiang Mai, Thailand also went viral because of his appearance. When selling she wore a cardigan, but exposed her breasts.

Because of her appearance, Aranya Apaiso or popularly known as Olive was also visited by the police. He was reminded to dress more modestly.

Olive previously said she had no intention of attracting the attention of shoppers by the way she dresses. But indirectly, Olive’s appearance still makes her figure viral in online media.

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