Whoops! Want to add food, this customer is actually scolded by the shop waiter


In Malaysia there is a place to eat called Mamak’s shop which is so popular. His hilarious service actually scolds every customer who wants to add orders.

In order to be different and attract the attention of many people, some places to eat have their own way. Some places to eat may offer heavy discounts or some use shows that attract customers’ attention.

There is a famous restaurant in Malaysia that has its own uniqueness with the style of the waiter when handling customer orders. If it’s the first time visiting it, many customers are confused because the waiter might even scold the customer who will order.

Classified as Kedai Mamak, this place to eat is indeed quite famous as a favorite hangout place for local residents, especially men who want to hangout or watch football together. Coming on a busy night, this customer was left confused after being scolded by a shop worker for ordering additional food.

Referring to Wikipedia, Gerai mamak, also known as “mapley” or a type of place to eat that serves mamak cuisine. In Malaysia, the term “mamak” refers to Muslim Indians, and generally, mamak outlets are owned and controlled by this group.

Whoops!  Want to add food, this customer is actually scolded by the shop waiterA man was surprised after ordering additional food at a Mamak shop. Photo: Says

Quoting via Says (19/5) a group of young men was seen having dinner at Mamak’s shop. Until suddenly one of them wanted to add food orders and called one of the shop workers.

Saying it nicely and conveying his desire to add some food and drink, this man was actually scolded by the workers who served him.

After some time, finally a worker came to visit the two. It was not clear what the worker said. It’s just that there was an answer in a curt voice and the worker immediately left the customer.

His face looked so confused after the shop worker actually turned to leave him after scolding him. “Hey, is he angry because of me?” said a young man in the video.

According to the owner of the video, previously they had indeed called the shop assistant to add to the food order. But they were told to wait a while because of the crowded conditions of the shop. After waiting, there was not a single waiter who visited him.

Whoops!  Want to add food, this customer is actually scolded by the shop waiterThe service is a bit curt and tends to be in a hurry to make him feel like he was being scolded. Photo: Says

I don’t mean to be rude, the shop’s service is actually very good. They even had time to joke before one of his friends suddenly scolded.

This group of youths did not even think that this incident would be experienced in front of their eyes. They also didn’t think that the uploaded video about the waiter’s hilarious action was on Mamak’s shop it went viral.

The video has even been viewed more than 1.1 million times with hundreds of comments responding to it. Many netizens also admit that the way of service seems to be the hallmark of Kedai Mamak workers when serving their customers.

“I don’t think he’s angry. Their way sometimes looks a little rougher,” wrote one netizen.

“Try to invite him to eat together once in a while. Talk to him so he can tell what the problem is,” continued another netizen.

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