Wirda Mansur’s Story: Rp 50 Million Alms, Immediately Gets a Car Rp 1.4 M!


The daughter of Ustaz Yusuf Mansur, Wirda Mansur, is again creating a stir on social media. This time, Wirda admitted that he received a BMW car prize of Rp. 1.4 billion after giving alms of Rp. 50 million on the same day. What’s the full story?

The statement was conveyed by Wirda via a Zoom connection and re-shared with a TikTok account named @wirda_ucup. Well, when detikOto checked, the video was gone. However, there are other accounts on social media that have re-shared it.

We have also tried to contact Wirda Mansur to ask for more information. As of this writing, the woman who graduated from the Daarul Qur’an Institute has not yet responded.

The story of Wirda Mansur

Wirda first told me that one day she donated some money to her father, Ustaz Yusuf Mansur. He then asked his father to pray for all his wishes.

“I transferred IDR 50 million to my father, then I said, ‘Pah, I have a little sustenance, it’s a little, but please pray for my dreams,'” Wirda said, starting the story, quoted by detikOto, Friday (21/10). /2022).

Wirda MansurWirda Mansur Photo: Instagram @wirda_mansur

According to Wirda, Rp 50 million is nothing for Yusuf Mansur. However, he still gave it and hoped the gift was returned many times over. Wirda also admitted, from these ideals, buying a luxury car is one of them.

“I opened the car’s Instagram, then I said to myself, God wants to have a car. I could actually just buy a car, but I’m waiting for God’s miracle too. He (Yusuf Mansur) also often said, if we give, God also gives, even 700 times,” he explained.

Wirda Mansur gets a car after alms

Wirda continued, not long after donating the money, a guest suddenly came to the house. Without further ado, the figure then showed a photo of a luxurious and expensive BMW 530i.

“Suddenly he said this, I have a BMW 530. I immediately geez, oh series 5 huh? He said, yes. Then he showed pictures (of the car),” he said.

“This is the latest release, it’s really luxurious. Eh, he said, you just used the car, it’s for you. There I really speechless. Because it’s a 5 series (BMW), it’s really new and was given to me,” Wirda claimed.

BMW 530i M Sport.BMW 530i M Sport. Photo: BMW Astra.

Wirda said he was surprised when he found out that the car was given to him free of charge. Because, everything seems instant. Not long after the alms, the luxury vehicle suddenly ‘came’ to his house.

“The car costs Rp. 1.4 billion, I know exactly. Why do I know exactly? Because that’s what I saw yesterday on Instagram, that’s what I said,” said Wirda.

How luxurious is the BMW 530i that Wirda is said to have got?

The latest BMW 530i model just launched in Indonesia in June 2022. The vehicle that comes with the ‘Touring’ frill is priced at IDR 1.6 billion with the status of off the road.

The BMW 530i has a luxurious look inside and out. In fact, the window is equipped with a sunblind roller that functions to block out the sun and maintain the driver’s privacy. On the inside, the manufacturer covers the seats with brown upholstery made from Perforated Sensatec.

BMW 530i Touring M-Sport.BMW 530i Touring M-Sport. Photo: BMW Astra.

The vehicle from Germany is also equipped with various contemporary features, such as a 12.3-inch head unit equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, Remote Engine Start, Parking Assistant, Driving Assistant, Active Cruise Control, and many more.

The BMW 530i uses a TwinPower 2,000 cc four-cylinder engine with double VANOS. This provision makes the car capable of producing 252 hp and 350 Nm of torque. While acceleration from zero to 100 kph only takes 6.7 seconds.

Hmm. Looking at the features and specifications, it seems appropriate that Wirda Mansur covets this car.

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