Wow! A serving of this fried rice weighs up to 1 kg


Not a scoop or two tick, fried rice in this restaurant is served jumbo portion. It even weighs up to 1 kg in a serving. How does it look?

Fried rice is a food that has become one of Indonesia’s culinary icons. Many other countries recognize fried rice as a typical Indonesian culinary. Fried rice is also comfort food for Indonesians.

Fried rice is widely offered, from street food carts to five-star restaurants. Generally, a portion of fried rice is filled with one or two scoops of rice.

Then it is equipped with various fillings. However, it is different from the fried rice purchased by Chef Nusa which has a super jumbo portion. In a portion it weighs almost 1 kg.

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Chef Nusa shows the appearance of 1 kg fried rice Photo: TikTok @chefnusa

As shown in the video on his TikTok @chefnusa (24/03). In the video, he says that the jumbo fried rice was purchased from a Chinese Food restaurant in the Tebet area.

Fried rice is wrapped use paper. Because of the jumbo portion, chef Nusa was curious about the weight, so he tried to weigh it and it reached 922.3 grams.

“He weighs 922.3 grams, guys, almost 1 kg,” he said in the video.

It was confirmed by detikFood (25/03) that the fried rice was purchased from a restaurant called Bakmi Senjaya. The price is around IDR 45,000 – IDR 50,000. Chef Nusa said that the restaurant is known for its jumbo portions.

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1 kg fried riceFried rice when weighed reaches 1 kg Photo: TikTok @chefnusa

Furthermore, chef Nusa also showed the contents of the fried rice. The fried rice is complemented by pickled cucumber which is also provided in generous portions.

Then for the fried rice seafood comes with squid and prawns. The rice filling is abundant. According to chef Nusa, the taste of the fried rice is delicious, so it fits the price offered.

The video was also widely responded to by netizens. Many netizens are curious to taste the fried rice.

“Where is this weh, I love seeing fried rice with a portion of Padang rice,” wrote a netizen.

“This is a diet that cannot be avoided. Bakmi Sanjaya I’m coming,” wrote another netizen.

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