Wow! Ponorogo Has Sate Village, Hundreds of Million Turnover


Ponorogo city is famous for its satay dish. If you want to hunt for satay culinary, try coming to Ponorogo Sate Village.

One of the Ponorogo Sate Villages is located on Lawu Street, Hasanudin Nologaten, Ponorogo District, Ponorogo Regency. There stands the oldest and the most popular chicken satay stall in Ponorogo, namely Sate Ayam H. Tukri Sobikun.

According to the owner of the shop, H. Suroto, Kampung Sate Ponorogo was originally called Gang Sate. Then, it was called a village because there were many houses selling satay.

“In the past, Gang Sate, at that time, was the one who founded Pak Sobikun. Now, every KK is building satay. Finally, it is made into Kampung Sate,” he said to

Suroto said, there were at least 15 families selling satay. However, not all of them opened a shop there, only the process of making it in the village.

“It is not sold here but on the side of the road. The types of satay sold are the same (such as Sate Ayam H. Tukri Sobikun). There is also a small satay,” he said.

Chicken Satay H. Tukri SobikunH. Tukri Sobikun Chicken Satay at Sate Ponorogo Village. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

As mentioned above, H. Tukri Sobikun’s Chicken Sate is an icon of Ponorogo Sate Village. The satay here has the specialty of large and thick chicken meat. Then it tastes sweet and savory.

Because of the delicious taste, many visitors from outside the city such as Surabaya, Kediri, Semarang, Yogyakarta, to come there. Especially if the Lebaran holiday, the satays in Kampung Sate Ponorogo will be sold out.

“What is very crowded is the Eid al-Fitr. It is indeed extraordinary. Visitors from out of town come here, it is extraordinary. To a lesser extent,” said Suroto.

If the holiday season, including Christmas and New Year, the turnover of satay traders will soar. Currently, in a month the turnover from selling satay can reach one hundred million.

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