Wow! There is a sect of eating chicken porridge a la Sandwich


It’s not over yet the debate between how to eat porridge is stirred vs not stirred, now a new sect has emerged, namely how to eat porridge sandwich style. Like what?

Chicken porridge is a food that is usually eaten as a breakfast menu. Chicken porridge in Indonesia has various variants, there are Cianjur, Bandung, and Sukabumi styles.

But for sure, chicken porridge is served with various toppings such as shredded chicken, cakwe, peanuts, celery, spices and crackers. Because of the many toppings that make people confused about how to eat it.

So far, there are two camps on how to eat chicken porridge, namely the stirred porridge team and the non-stirred porridge team. Not only that, other sects that are no less eccentric have also sprung up.

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The sect eats chicken porridge like a sandwich Photo: Twitter

One of them is done by a Facebook user named Fandi. In his upload he shows a different way to enjoy a serving of chicken porridge.

The chicken porridge is not eaten immediately, but is placed on a piece of bread, then the bread is folded like eating a sandwich. So, porridge The chicken is used as a filling for bread.

“Manteman breakfast,” he wrote in the upload, as confirmed by detikFood (23/03).

The upload also went viral after being shared by the Twitter account @txtdariga Explain (20/03). Of course, the upload was immediately responded to by netizens. Many netizens are surprised by the way they eat it.

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The sect eats chicken porridge like a sandwichSect eats fried tempeh with chocolate jam Photo: Twitter

“I as a representative of the stirred porridge team will fight this blasphemy,” wrote a netizen.

“What other sect is this, the porridge team is stirred and not stirred yet, so please don’t make netizens dizzy,” wrote another netizen.

In addition, not a few netizens also show off strange ways of eating. As shared by an account that shows how to eat fried tempeh smeared with chocolate jam.

There are also those who show off when they eat rice sit down with side dishes of fried vermicelli and tempeh orek but mixed with bread.

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