Yeorobun… This is Korean Village in Bandung


In the last ten years, “Korean fever”, both in terms of music and drama, has become more and more mushrooming and rampant. Moreover, when the pandemic hit and almost all people implemented Work From Home (WFH), Korean dramas became a hot topic.

According to research conducted by PMB LIPI in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused an increase in new viewers of Korean dramas by 3.3%. From the study, 73 out of 924 respondents stated that they started watching Korean dramas after the start of the pandemic.

One of the impacts of this Korean drama is the increasing public interest in South Korean culture and culture. In terms of tourism, Bandung residents need to be grateful. The reason is that the Bandung City Government (Pemkot) has provided tourist attractions with a South Korean theme through Kampung Korea.

Kampung Korea is located in the Kiara Artha Park area, Jalan Banten No.7, Kec. Batununggal, Bandung City. If you want to use public transportation, this tour is also easy to reach from the city center. From Bandung City Square, Jalan Dalem Kaum, you only need to take the pink public transportation to Cicadas.

Korean Village in BandungKorean Village in Bandung Photo: Dony Indra Ramadhan/detikcom

Presenting a variety of photo spots as if they were in South Korea, Kampung Korea does not charge any fees for the entrance ticket, you know. So, tourists who bring vehicles only need to pay for parking.

In order to feel more in Korea, tourists can also take pictures wearing traditional South Korean clothes, Hanbok. A few facts about the clothes, the word “Hanbok” from Korean means literally “Korean clothes”. These clothes are rented at a price of IDR 100,000 for adults and IDR 50,000 for children.

You can also eat Korean specialties here. If in doubt it doesn’t suit your taste, you can also choose a variety of other dishes such as Indonesian and Japanese specialties. Reporting from DetikTravel, the management deliberately provides 40 kiosks as an effort to advance various MSME partners in Bandung. The stalls sell a variety of culinary and fashion.

In addition to being a tourist spot, Kampung Korea also functions as the office of the largest Korean culture lover community in Indonesia, Hansamo. This community quite often holds various cultural events in the form of language courses, dance lessons, learning Hangul letters, and others. Unmitigated, this community also received full support from the Consultant General of South Korea.

What are you waiting for? Come on, take pictures and taste a variety of culinary delights at Kampung Korea, Bandung City. For those who are interested, the operating hours of this tour are 10:00-22:00 WIB.

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