PO Palala Fleet Officially Released: Use Single Glass, Classy Interior

Jakarta – After showing its teaser photo some time ago, PO Palala finally released its newest fleet of 4 units made by the Laksana body. This bus will later serve the Jakarta-Sumbar (West Sumatra) route. This bus adopts a single glass windshield with a classy interior. PT Putra Transindo Mulya officially introduced its newest fleet … Read more

Upset! Woman Orders 100 Cakes When This Coffee Shop Closes

Jakarta – A woman named Kim just pissed off the entire staff of Starbucks Aberdeen, Scotland. He ordered 100 cakes in 10 minutes the coffee shop was about to close. Anyone who works in a restaurant will definitely be happy if they get food orders in large quantities. However, it would be annoying if this … Read more

Erick Thohir wants to marry agile electric motorbike with Gojek and Grab

Jakarta – Since being under PT Wika Industri Manufaktur (WIMA), the Gesits electric motor has begun to show its strength, in fact thousands of units of this electric motor made in Indonesia have been sent to various foreign countries. Well, it doesn’t stop there, the Indonesian government also continues to aggressively conduct electrification, one of … Read more

Fuji and Tariq Dating, This is the Moment to Eat Hot Pot with Atta-Aurel

Jakarta – Fuji and Tariq Halilintar were widely discussed after ‘going public’ with their relationship. The two of them were also seen together at a dinner held by the Atta-Aurel family with hot pot treats. Fuji and Tariq Halilintar are now officially in a relationship. Both of them often show off romantic and adorable moments … Read more

Delicious! The Legendary Hamsir Buffalo Tongue Satay in Riau

Kampar – Typical in the tongue and legendary, that’s the right word when tasting the tongue and heart satay at the Hamsir stall, Kampar. The buffalo meat satay has been the target of the community for decades. Warung Sate Hamsir has served 2 satay menus since 1978, namely meat satay and chicken satay. Especially for … Read more

Confused about choosing car tires, pay attention to these 4 things

Jakarta – Just like other components, tires certainly have a service life. If the tires are continuously used, they will become bald or worn, which can affect the traction of the tires with asphalt. If that has happened, it’s time for you to replace the tires with new ones. However, there are still a number … Read more

Combo Pack! Eat well with Zombies, Vampires, and friends in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh – Usually, restaurants offer a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. But this time, how come you meet zombies? Quoted from Malay Mail by detikTravel, Sunday (30/1/2022), a restaurant in Riyadh, Shadows offers a scary atmosphere by meeting zombies to vampires. Travelers might see the spooky creature in a movie or in a haunted house, but … Read more

Start Your Morning in Singkawang with Legendary Pekong Porridge

Singkawang – What breakfast in Singkawang? Forget hotel food. Get out there and explore the city’s tantalizing breakfasts. One of them is the legendary Pekong porridge! Pekong Porridge. At first glance, when you hear his name, a traveler will definitely be curious and ask questions. What porridge is that? Turns out, the answer is beef … Read more