Gebang Palace, the Mute Witness of Sukarno’s Youth

Jakarta – For residents of Blitar City, the name Gebang Palace knit the red thread of history of Bung Karno’s big name. In this house, the traces of the youth of the Proclaimer of the Nation are engraved. Gebang Palace is a building complex with Indhies architecture at Jalan Sultan Agung number 56,59 and 51. … Read more

Something’s New at the Sukabumi City Square

Sukabumi – The integrated area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlun-alun and Merdeka Square is getting more beautiful. Now there are culinary ranks and locally made MSME outlets. The food court and MSME outlets are named Titik Champion. This Champion Point makes the Merdeka Square area more colorful. Visitors who come can enjoy a variety of food offerings with … Read more

Check Mobile SIM Locations in Jakarta This Weekend, Open until 12.00 WIB

Jakarta – This weekend, the Traffic Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya again presents a mobile SIM car service in Jakarta, which is spread over five points. Read more in detail below. Quoted from the official Twitter account of the Polda Metro Jaya TMC @TMCPoldaMetro, the Directorate of Traffic (Ditlantas) of the Polda Metro Jaya provides … Read more

Explore the Largest Chinatown in Solo

Solo – Ahead of Chinese New Year, the Chinatown village in Solo, Central Java, which is located in the Sudiroprajan Village, Jebres District, Solo, is lively. The Chinatown village is behind the Pasar Gede area. The Soerakarta Walking Tour Community together with Solo Societeit held an event to explore the Chinatown village as part of … Read more

This is Why McDonald’s Indonesia Doesn’t Provide Large Size French Fries Anymore

Jakarta – McDonald’s Indonesia announced the reason they temporarily removed the large size French fries menu. Regarding the limited supply of potatoes. Besides Japan and Malaysia, McDonald’s Indonesia is also facing the same problem. Where they experienced a limited supply of potatoes, so they decided to eliminate the large French fries menu from all McDonald’s … Read more